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Creativity is our middle name and no project is too big or small

Here at Bad Strip, we strive to exceed our clients' expectations. It makes no difference what you are interested in. It could be a minimalistic dot tattoo or a sophisticated portrait. We have seven artists on site and each of them has their own style. We will assess your needs and put you on the right chair. Even if you have no idea what you want, our samples can give you some good hints.

Our gallery

Here are some of our latest tattoos, as well as a few sophisticated projects.

Bad Strip has been established in 1992 and represents one of the oldest tattoo shops in the area. We have built up from scratch. There was one artist on site back then, but things evolved. Today, we have seven different artists. One of us deals with portraits and realistic tattoos. Another one handles cartoons, not to mention an artist for pitch black work, one for dot work, one for general tattoos, one for minimalistic tattoos and an apprentice. We can literally cover any kind of design you can think of, so get in touch.

We can help you design your own tattoo.

Today, tattoos represent a trend. Lots of potential customers come over not knowing what they want. They just want a tattoo – they have a brief idea of the location, but they cannot decide on a design. We have plenty of books and ideas to help you out. We can also design your idea from scratch – just give us as many details as you can.
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Hi, I am Alan
I run Bad Strip

I started doing tattoos in 1992 and I managed to put together a team of professionals. I run the studio, but the shop would be nowhere without the people I have on site

Clean and hygienic

We take health and safety very seriously

Multiple styles and designs

We can do literally anything – you name it

Tattoos and cover ups

We are also specialized in covering old tattoos

Piercings and rings

You can also get yourself pierced on site

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