Our artists

Meet our artists and find out what we can do for you

Knowing what your artist can do will give you a well deserved peace of mind

Different styles and ideas

The most important thing you should know is the fact that we can do anything. We have seven artists and we cover any style you can think of, from dot work to realistic tattoos.

Come to our studio and have a chat with us. One of us will welcome you at the door to get to know you. We will talk about your ideas and suggestions. We will try to find out what kind of style you are interested in. Even if you have no idea what you want, you can sit down, have a coffee and look through our dozens of books with suggestions.

We can also design your idea from scratch – simply give us as many details as possible. Once it is all set, we will have you sit down and get to work. Bookings are recommended.

How it actually works

Normally, we recommend bookings because our studio is always full. Walking in might work during quiet times of the year, but we do not recommend taking chances – simply come in and book.

The process of getting a tattoo is user friendly and comfortable. Even if this is your first tattoo, there are no reasons to feel uncomfortable or stressed about it. Our artists are friendly and will keep you busy – have a chat and a coffee while you do it, as well as cigarette breaks if you need any. We will tell you upfront how much we think it will last. If it is a big project, you might need to come back over a few different sessions. If you want the tattoo on a sensitive area, such as ribs or chest, we will use numbing cream, as these areas are known to be a bit painful.

Alan McClean

Alan McClean has established Bad Strip in 1992 and has taken it to a new level.

He comes from a family of artists – his parents are both painters. He started doing tattoos before it was even cool to have one. He has done and seen everything, but he also has the experience to do whatever you come up with. He simply polished his skills over the last few decades.

He managed to put together a team of seven people by adopting the ones who he believed in. These days, Bad Strip is one of the most reputable tattoo shops in the area because of Alan.

Jason Pitt

Jason Pitt has started drawing while he was only 10 years old, yet he did his first tattoo at 19.

It all happened in 1995. Ever since that moment, he knew this was the career he wanted. He completed his apprenticeship in Australia before joining Bad Strip. Today, he is managing the studio when Alan is not around, but he is also one of the most booked artists in our tattoo studio.

Jason is specialized in realistic tattoos, meaning you can give him a picture and he will literally paste it on your skin. You will barely be able to find any differences. For this reason, he is one of the most wanted artists on site. We recommend booking early with Jason. With all these, you may still have to wait for a couple of months to get your tattoo done.