Quality also comes first, regardless of the project

What makes Bad Strip to special

There are certain things in our values that brought us where we are these days
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Our numbers

Every once in a while, we go through our records to find out how we are doing. We get more and more customers with every new month, so we are seriously considering an expansion. At the same time, such a continuous growth tells us that there must be something good we are doing, so we strive to keep exceeding our customers' needs and expectations

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How it works

Once you are ready to get a tattoo, simply get in touch with us. We try to avoid taking bookings over the phone, yet there are situations when we do it. Why? Easy! We need to see your skin, your current tattoos and your project. It is one thing to describe it over the phone and another thing to show us exactly what you want and where you want it.
Once you are booked, show up five minutes earlier to complete a form and we will get to work. The process should be comfortable and cozy. We have a friendly team on site and you can have a coffee or a break whenever you feel like. We work fast, but without sacrificing quality. We will also instruct you on how to look after your tattoo once it is done.

What people think

It took me months to finally decide to get my first tattoo. It was an amazing experience – three years ago. I came back for many more since then.

Ann Atkins

This is by far the most professional tattoo studio I have ever been with. Quality is flawless and I will most likely return soon....

Mary McMahon